Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gaisenmon Building, Sendai, Japan

This is the Gaisenmon Building and it refers to the archetecture of the facade. (I think the Arch de Triumph, not sure) It is FULL of bars. Each bar can hold from only about 6 or 8 people, up to a regular size corner bar. (Not real clear about this, drinking here is very costly, you need to go with someone with an expense account.)
My first time here was sometime in 1978. It was the middle of winter and I went into a small bar with a group of frineds. Eventually, I had to use the toilet. I asked where it was, and was directed "down the hall" into the main building. I was suddenly swept up into a group of drunk businessmen and ushered into the elevator and down to the street. I couldn't speak any Japaneese at the time and I had no idea of the name of the bar, nor even what floor it was on. I was drunk sitting in the snow with no coat for about two hours before my friends found me. They had thought I had left for home!
Yes, now that you do mentinon it, it does look sort of like the gates of hell, doesn't it?

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