Monday, June 28, 2010


For me, Facebook is a mostly pleasing division.  I play games, I make friends, I share views, I argue, I make quips, I get quipped. Not a problem. What does cause me problems is the people who take this whole thing so seriously enough to get angry.  It is real easy to just hide or delete someone from Facebook. You are offended, you filter it.

Personally, I don't really believe that any Republican has any common sense. I am sure that there are many Republicans who disagree with that statement. Hey, it is cool. Turnabout is fair play. What really mystifies me is when people get so worked up that they have to attack my comments, ideas or philosophy personally. This is about as public as I get, and I doubt a lot of people pay much attention to me. But! I want to make a statement to all people on the Internet, Facebook in particular.

We are talking about the USA.  That gives me the right to express any view I like. (There are limits, I agree, and I am 100% in agreement with these social mores.)  What I don't think is responsible is for jumping in with your 2 cent jack boots and telling me that I am totally wrong.  You do not have that right.  If you try to censor me, you will try to censor someone else, and then we have a tyranny and not a democracy.

Disagree if you must, I listen, but when you disagree and you don't listen, then there is something wrong with YOU.  (Don't get angry with me, just go away!)  Enough people do this and I am talking to myself.  If enough people disagree with  you, then you are talking to yourself.  Wise up.  Use this place and Facebook to learn not fight but discuss and share ideas.  If you are such a small individual that you cannot offer up a good enough argument to prove me an idiot then STFU.  You have no right, no matter who you support or what your family may be doing. What the hell have you done?

Keep it sane.  If you have no personal stake in this countries fight, I don't want to hear your criticisim.

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