Saturday, July 10, 2010

American English Idioms #1

I was the Head Instructor for an English as a Second Language School in Japan for about 12 years. One of my jobs required me to "break in" new teachers and kind of show them the ropes. Teaching ESL in Japan is more like being an entertainer rather than an instructor, it is not easy to find students that really want to put in the effort to learn more English, they just try to maintain what they already know. One new teacher had to take over an advanced idiom class, so I was introducing him. We encouraged the students to try to use new idioms when they could, sometimes, it just didn't work as expected.

One of the students was a medical student and he was in his intern rotations. His current rotation was gynecology. When I introduced him, the new teacher asked what he did, it sort of went like this.
"So what do you study now?"
"Oh, I am in the gynecology rotation"
The teacher, a young man, jokingly said, "Wow, gynecology, that must be great!"
The Student replied with an idiom. "To tell you the truth, I am really fed up with gynecology."

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