Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Anarchy has more than one definition. Some use the term "anarchy" to refer to a society without a publicly enforced government or violently enforced political authority.[1][2] When used in this sense, anarchy may[3] or may not[4] be intended to imply political disorder or lawlessness within a society.
Others, including most individuals who self-identify as anarchists, use the term to imply a system of governance, mostly theoretical at a nation state level. There are also other forms of anarchy that attempt to avoid the use of coercion, violence, force and authority, while still producing a productive and desirable society.[5][6] Anarchy is also a technical issue of economic science.

      Anarchy appears to have arrived in Washington DC.  Obstructionism and infighting on the part of the GOP and the divided Republican party have become the norm. Doing nothing in favor of selfish political interests to keep a useless position in the political agenda is what has become the norm for the right. The radical far leaning rightest neo-cons have taken minority control of the House and are intent on emphasizing the highly vocal lunatic fringe of the right. Anyone with common sense knows that this is a non-productive and dangerous sidetrack to a healthy government.

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