Monday, May 31, 2010

Cougars and the Lolita Complex

(This is a photo  of young ladies in Japan who are fans of the style "Loli-con" or Lolita Complex)
I turned 59 years old this year. I am no longer in the market for a cougar. I am becoming more and more interested with females afflicted with the Lolita Complex however.
Note: Loli-con comes from the words "Lolita (Loli-) and Conplex (con) It is a form of  high school and college style of fad dress. The girls here are probably in college or perhaps even office workers. Japanese take words and parts of words out of context and apply them to a concept. I am not saying that these girls are involved in any particular sex act, they are merely dressing in a popular style. 40 years ago, the men wore Ivy League style shirts and adopted a particular life style called Ibi, or Ivy. Today many girls are Gothic inspired or Goth. The word manicure in English means to have your fingernails done, to the Japanese manicure simply means nail polish. The girls pictured wear little girl type clothing popular in Alice and Wonderland. They carry around very large teddy bears and wear hoop skirts. This does not mean that they prefer older suitors over persons their own age. It is a form of cosplay (costume play where in the USA, they would be going to comi-con (Comics Conplex or Comic Convention, I am not sure of the etemology of this word, but it should give you the idea.).


hepkess said...

These little girls are about 20 years old. Or more!

Anonymous said...

They are LOLITAS... nothing related to Lolita complex. Please, inform yourself

hepkess said...

Lol- con comes from the words Lotta complex. The name of the primary character, Lotta, a young girl who becomes involved with an much older man. Lolitas are females who dress and are directly related to the lol-con phenomenan. I doubt that "Goth" followers all drink blood, some do however.

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