Monday, May 31, 2010

Take a Number

I have this whole thing all figured out. We were given freedom of choice and we enjoy that freedom, (Why some people decided to choose a Bush for their Frightening Leader, I have no idea! but we weren't given freedom of time, and that is what it all comes down to. You probably remember going to catch a bus at sometime during your life. (Or some other regularly scheduled event over which you have no control.) Perhaps you arrived at one of three times for this particular bus you were going to catch. One, you got there just in time, paid your fare, and got on. Two, you got there just in time to watch the bus turn the corner and you missed it. Three, you got to the bus stop, and you didn't have a watch. You didn't know if you just missed the bus, the bus would be here any second, so you wait expectantly. Or, you missed the last bus, and you will never get out of Dodge.

That is the way life treats us though. Some people just know what they will be doing in life. They got lucky and caught the bus just in time. A lot of us feel like we missed the bus, and that is the way life always treats us. Damn Screwed again! Most of us go thru life though, never knowing when the bus is gonna get there, so we are fated to wait for that particular time we were destined to hook up with. Then there is the last group of us that have all missed the bus, and we don't even know it. Hey, the bus is a bitch, isn't it?

Now we get back to timing. This is where we all are on a lot of things. Who are you gonna marry? You search, and you wait. Then, for one brief moment, the universe comes together and you and another person arrive at the same place and time at the same place and time. Bam, you fall in love. Not as romantic as destiny, but there you have it. Timing.

Timing. Timing. Have you seen the movie or program where you see this dog trotting along the road, smelling flowers, posts, other dog's butts, you know, bopping along and being a dog? Then the camera cuts to this delivery truck. The driver is late; he is checking his watch and looking for an address. Back to the dog, still walking, still bopping, still smelling. Back to the truck, the driver is still in a hurry, still lost and still looking for an address, but not paying too much attention to his driving. Then, you have it. Bam. Truck squishes the dog. Dog is dead, or, the truck swerves to miss the dog and kills a [Choose . . . a) old woman with a shopping bag b) little boy chasing a ball or c) scantily clad woman sunning herself on the beach. ] I always choose the woman, so the dog is the one getting squished, other people choose the dog, old woman or the little boy. Anyway you picture it; (except in my case, I'm looking at the lady in the bikini) something gets squished.

That is what it is all about. That one precise moment when everything comes together. You have free choice to take what happens and do something with this moment, or just ignore it. (you can look back and see some of these "moments" that you have let slide by, you know, that special person that you should have said something to, that thing you should or shouldn't have said.) We all have them. our missed chances, or perhaps those moments that you acted when you shouldn't have. (SHIT! I should have stopped at that corner; I should have known that the fuckin' cop would be waiting behind that sign!) But the time is past, and we have what we have. And, someplace along the way, we will have another one of these "moments" where we will have a chance to act, not act, or just be oblivious to the whole game and not be aware of what the hell is actually going on. Maybe that last group is really the lucky ones, the oblivious. So, take a number!

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