Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The New Politics

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

          Mitt is swearing that he’s gonna win, Santorum does win, Ron Paul keeps his happy little group and Gingrich winds up finishing third. This is just an example of how screwed up the Republican Party is. They have been so focused on screwing Obama, they haven’t bothered to keep their own house clean. Talk about cutting off your nose and throwing out the baby, these guys are doing to themselves what they’ve been trying to do to the Democrats. I have a huge worry that by some chance enough Republicans get into office due their hatred or racial prejudice by default. Hate Obama, find a name with an (R) in front of it and vote blindly and without thought of the consequences. 

          A country that has been the optimum of finding a compromise for the good of the majority is now frightened and duped into being sheeple. I recall when there were differences between a Right and a Left. Now the Right is so far to the Right, it is ready to fall off the edge, and they are dragging the ones who were on the Left into the gutter of the Right.  To be Liberal anymore is as bad as being a mental case was 20 years ago. We suffer the chance of plunging into a “small government” that wants to be so small they want to make sure that you don’t have any rights if you don’t agree with their principals exactly. They want to be “small” enough that they want to go into your bedroom and condemn you for having sex for enjoyment rather than only for reproduction.   They want to be so “small” that they can determine that your right to pursue happiness is only adhered to by their “small minds”.

          Why are these people who want to keep a “small” Government are so small minded that they cannot accept the fact that marriage is for love and not as a testament as to how Christian you are. Last time I looked, the Ten Commandments had been tossed aside by Jesus and replaced with  simply “Love your neighbor as you would love yourself. Just what in hell are they trying to do? This is the 21st  Century, and they want to plunge us back into the 1950s.

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