Friday, April 20, 2012

Observation of the Veterans Administration Police

     I have begun to have an at least once a month pilgramage to The West Los Angeles Veterans Hospital on Santa Monica Blvd in West LA. I had been given transportation to the Salvation Army's "Haven", a VA campus Emergency Overnight housing due to a mix-up with my overnight stay at the hospital. (I have to ride a bus from Santa Maria to WLO, a one way ride of around 4 hours. Often, the clinics I must attend are on different days, so I must stay at a motel provided by the Veteran's Administration.)
     I was riding in a van, driven by a Veteran that has a job driving one of the many vans on the rather large hospital campus. The VA Police rushed by with lights flashing and siren screaming. The driver told me, "You know, this security forsce are over zealous men. They are scared cops that over react ot any threat real or imagined. They are scared because they know that with all the Veterans they have to deal with suffer from PTSD, and anyone of them, any age or physical ability are seasoned warriors. At any time, they could run into a little old guy with the power or means to take them out in the blink of an eye. These guys are just plain paranoid. You know what though? They should be paranoid. Some of these guys are just plain crazy.

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